Prayers for Life: Forty Daily Devotions


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In Prayers for Life, Mary Ann Kuharski, longtime activist and champion of pro-life causes, presents an inspiring forty-day devotional for anyone concerned about abortion and the dignity of life. These brief, powerful, Christ-focused reflections remind the reader of prayer’s potency as a force for change.

The call to preserve life requires both work and prayer and this moving forty-day devotional offers readers the spiritual sustenance for the road ahead. Each day’s reflection expresses a vital theme in the struggle to end abortion. A brief quotation from scripture serves as a meditation, followed by short reflection points. Drawn from the Bible, the writings of the saints, and the words of recent popes, Kuharski’s reflections solidly root pro-life efforts in Catholic spirituality. An added feature highlights the growth of the unborn child during its early days of development. Suitable both for personal and small-group use.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique resource that engages the reader in prayer and reflection on both the beauty of life and the call to protect it.
  • The author is an active speaker on life and family issues and founder of PROLIFE Across AMERICA, which offers positive, persuasive messages through 6,500+ billboards in 44 states.


 "I highly recommend Prayers for Life."
“There are few in the pro-life movement as dedicated, passionate, and experienced as Mary Ann Kuharski. Nationally known speaker and author, and founder of PROLIFE Across AMERICA, Mary Ann has lived and breathed the pro-life cause for many years. Her billboards are like sentinels standing on our highways and byways, reminding us of the preciousness of human life. Prayers for Life is a pro-life prayer book containing forty daily meditations. The book is simple, yet thought provoking, and draws the reader into prayer for human life from conception onward. The fruit of Kuharski’s many years of praying for human life, Prayers for Life is founded on quotations from the scriptures, which set the theme for each reflection. It also contains significant quotations from popes, priests, saints, and lay people among others. It contains as well, inspiring factual statements on human life in the womb. All this in a simple-to-follow daily format. I highly recommend Prayers for Life. It is a valuable resource and a significant contribution to the building up of a culture of life through prayer.”

Most Reverend John M. LeVoir
Bishop of New Ulm

"May this book help you to foster the growth of love."
“Two kinds of truth merge within this book: the truths of modern science that reveal the amazing development of a child in the womb; and the truth of faith expressed in prayer. As offered in this book, both truths evoke love: love for God, to whom we pray, and love for each child forming in a mother's womb, for whom we pray. May this book help you to foster the growth of both loves.”

Rev. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
Host of EWTN Live

"A wonderful treasure for the pro-life movement."
“This book is a wonderful treasure for the pro-life movement. The powerful reflections and prayers combine beautifully to encourage a deeper commitment to life at every stage."

Rev. Bill Miscamble, C.S.C.
Founding President Notre Dame Faculty for Life

"A wonderful resource."
“Mary Ann Kuharski beautifully reminds us that all of our actions to preserve life must be focused on Christ and rooted in prayer. This is a wonderful resource for individuals and pro-life groups of all kinds.”

Joseph M. Scheidler
National Director Pro-Life Action League


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