Prayer for Peace in the Family Laminated Prayer Card


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This Prayer for Peace in the Family Holy Card features a picture of the Holy Family on the front. On the back there is a prayer:

DIVINE Infant, at Your entrance into the world You proclaimed peace, and You are pleased to be called the Prince of peace. You know the strife and discord in my house, among my relatives, especially N.N. You know how loveless and discontented we are with one another, how much strife, enmity, discord and hate rule in the midst of us, and how many sins we commit against the love of our neighbor. This is a truly sad life! Where shall I turn if not to You, O peace-loving Infant Jesus. You have reunited those divided against one another, reconciled enemies, and given peace to troubled souls. Give us, I beseech You, the precious gift of peace. This I beg of You through the love and harmony You shared with Joseph and Mary. Come to our aid, that all passions may be stilled, and that peace and harmony may return to me and N.N. that so we may deserve to be called children of God.


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