Pope Francis: I Believe in Mercy

Told in the wildly popular manga style, Pope Francis: I Believe in Mercy tells the story of Jorge Bergoglio and the journey that led him to become Pope Francis. This Christian graphic novel – full of engaging illustrations and fascinating content – is perfect for the whole family and is a great gift for First Communion, birthdays–or any special occasion! It explores his extraordinary life and the many times he experienced God’s mercy.


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This new second edition includes a larger format, full color, and additional content!

Jorge Bergoglio was just an ordinary teenager in Argentina, until the autumn day he decided to stop by a church. That’s when he hears an astonishing call. But that’s only the beginning of Jorge’s adventures, which take him into the Jesuit order, the priesthood, serving the poor, and into a bitter conflict when his country is involved in a sinister Dirty War. But Jorge keeps trying to follow Christ, no matter where He leads – even to Rome and the heart of the Church! The amazing true story of Pope Francis, and his experience of the mercy of God.

‘You look for God, but then you realize He is already looking for you. You want to find Him, but He finds you first.’ – Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis)

This edition includes:

  • more coverage of Pope Francis’ travels and teachings since becoming pope (and since the last edition was published)
  • an appendix so that readers can read fun facts and source material
  • a map of Vatican City
  • Pope Francis’ coat of arms (both as pope and as cardinal)
  • an explanation of the Swiss Guards
  • and the history of pope mobiles!

What are Manga and Graphic Novels?
We find that sometimes people have no idea what Manga or Graphic Novels are, and some who are familiar with the ideas have misconceptions about their contents. Below are some commonly asked questions. We hope these will help you better understand the mission and purpose of Manga Hero, and how these products can help enrich your life or the lives of your friends and family.
What is manga?
Manga are Japanese-style comic books. Similar to popular American comics like Superman, Spiderman or other Marvel hero-based comic books, manga covers a wide range of subjects that can span vast genres and storylines, and usually include heroes and action scenes. In Japan, reading manga is popular among all age groups.
What are graphic novels?
Simply put, graphic novels are long comic books. “Graphic” means the story is told in the form of drawn images (and some words). “Novel” means it’s a long book, but not necessarily fictional. The terms manga and graphic novel are often used interchangeably.
Is manga safe for children? Does it offer any sort of educational value?
For Manga Hero books, the answers are yes and yes! The books are rated for children ages 12 and up and are an engaging and effective way to teach positive virtues. Manga Hero publishes books chronicling the lives of real heroes and heroines from history, such as Paul: Tarsus to Redemption and Judith: Captive to Conqueror.

In general, manga often include narratives centered around friendship, bravery, and perseverance, providing strong examples for young adults to aspire to. They also contain complex plot lines and rich character development, helping them to develop their reading comprehension. Graphic novels are even being used as teaching tools in many classrooms.
I’ve heard manga is violent and contains adult content. Is this true?
As with any form of media – such as music, television, movies, and video games – manga, graphic novels, and comic books can be manipulated to feature adult-oriented themes, and the creators and consumers aren’t doing enough to protect children from this. That’s why Manga Hero has a rating system, just like movies and video games, so parents can ensure that the book they’re about to buy for their child is appropriate. We believe great stories can be told without resorting to using gratuitous violence or sexual themes. Manga Hero books are rated for ages 12 and up.
What are some benefits of Manga Hero books?
They’re a great way to promote the Christian faith! Many parents struggle to find reading material that their children will like and that will also promote virtue and instill good values. Manga Hero provides such material. These books promote heroism and Christian values in a fun and engaging medium that young adults will love. They are written and illustrated by talented writers and artists who deliver the highest quality content.

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