Pope Benedict's Divine Mercy Mandate: by David Came


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Pope Benedict XVI is becoming known as a Pope of Mercy, especially  through his opening of  the first ever World Apostolic Congress on Mercy in Rome in April 2008, and at its conclusion when he gave the participants a mandate  to “go forth and be witnesses of God’s mercy.” Earlier, during a pastoral visit to Poland in 2006, Pope Benedict called the sick to be “eloquent witnesses God’s mercy” and said he was passing on the “Flame of Mercy” to the youth he met. Under Pope Benedict’s leadership, such Mercy Congresses are now ongoing in the life of the Church, demonstrating how central God’s mercy is for the Christian life and for the peace and wellbeing of the world.

Discover in Pope Benedict’s Divine Mercy Mandate how the Holy Father spoke of receiving a gift of Divine Mercy when he was elected Pope in 2005 and how he then stressed Divine Mercy as “an integral dimension of a Christian’s faith and prayer” when he led the Church in 2006 as the new Pontiff in celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. Learn the key teachings of Pope Benedict on how to live this clear instruction through the personal examples and summaries of the Pope’s main points, including insights on God’s mercy in his bestselling book Jesus of Nazareth. The final chapter reveals how Pope Benedict is living the mandate himself as our Mercy Pope, building on the legacy of John Paul II.

David Came is the executive editor of Marian Helper magazine, which is the flagship publication of the Association of Marian Helpers headquartered in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He is co-author with Fr. George Kosicki, CSB, of Why Mercy Sunday?