The Passion and the Cross


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Ronald Rolheiser, one of the most influential spiritual writers of our day, offers profound reflections on the central mystery of our Christian faith. His beautifully written meditations on the passion and the cross invites you to a new understanding of redemption and offers insight into the meaning of your own loss and suffering. Take a journey into the deeper meaning of pain with guidance from a trusted spiritual advisor.



Denise Miner-Williams on Mar 25, 2016

I chose The Passion and the Cross as a reflection to read for Lent, and what a gold mine of a choice it was to be! The book is fairly short, but it is best digested slowly. Fr. Rolheiser masterfully addresses the passion, cross and resurrection of Jesus from forty unique viewpoints that intrigue the reader into contemplation. He incorporates into his perspectives additional insight through explanation of the etiology of words (such as “passion” originating from the Latin word meaning passiveness) and historical uses of words that puts them into the context of the times in which they were written (e.g. “agony” having a double meaning). I didn’t quite buy into all of his explanations. For instance, his thesis that the resurrection radically changed the physical structure of the world made me question how he would explain the Old Testament happening of a person brought to life. I thought the midwifery explanation regarding the resurrection was a bit of a stretch. But even with these questions, the ideas presented throughout the book provoked great thought, discussion with friends, and fodder for prayer.
Fr. Rolheiser’s book The Shattered Lantern provided great inspiration for me in the development of my doctoral dissertation. The Passion and the Cross has guided me through this Lent. And I am grateful.


Rita Crimi on Feb 20, 2016

Fr. Rohlheiser writes books that speak to my whole person,body,mind and spirit. In the " Passion and the Cross" a new level of understanding of Jesus' ordeal opened for me…..especially as I am in the 8 th decade of my life.

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