Our Lady of Loreto Laminated Prayer Card


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This Our Lady of Loreto Holy Card, imported from Italy, features a picture of Mary on the front. On the back there is the following prayer to Our Lady of Loreto:

"Oh Mary, Immaculate Virgin, for the sake of your blessed house, which we the angels moved to the pleasant hills of Loreto, turn your benevolent eyes toward us.

For the holy wall within which you were born and lived as a child, with prayers and the most sublime love; for the fortunate walls that listened to the greetings of the angel who called you: "Blessed among all women"  and which remind us of the incarnation of the word in your purest bosom; for your blessed house, where you lived with Jesus and Joseph, and which became during the centuries the fervently longed-for destination of the saints, who considered themselves lucky to kiss fervently your sacred walls, bestow upon us the graces which we humbly ask, and the fortune of coming to Heaven after the exile, to repeat to you the greetings of the angel: Hail Mary."


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