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Perhaps more than any other book that came from his prolific pen, Orthodoxy exemplifies G.K. Chesterton’s style, humor, and singular ability to present ancient truths from a new perspective.

Chesterton demolishes notions of a Christianity that is “heavy, humdrum, and safe,” and offers in its place a rollicking adventure filled with beauty, wonder, and peril. His apologetic is never strident or overbearing. There are no prooftexts or long-winded arguments. Instead, Chesterton uses common sense, everyday human experience, and simple but unassailable folk logic to build a case for a Christian view of the universe.

Whether you’re a diehard fan of Chesterton’s or waiting to be introduced to him, there is no finer edition of Orthodoxy to own.

Catholic Answers Classics are the perfect addition to your home library.

Recapturing the brilliance and elegance of books from the golden age of apologetics, the new Classics series from Catholic Answers Press is sure to become a cherished part of your home library. Each volume has been hand-picked from our rich inheritance of works that explain and defend the Faith. And just as those classic works have endured, Catholic Answers Classics are durably and beautifully bound with hard cloth covers and heavy paper, designed to delight and edify readers for generations to come.

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