Only The Lover Sings: Art And Contemplation


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Josef Pieper

The popular and highly regarded Pieper speaks of the necessity for human persons to be able to contemplate and appreciate beauty to develop their full humanity. Pieper expresses succinctly that the foundation of the human person in society is leisure, free time in which one can contemplate, be receptive to being and its beauty.

"Joy is more profound than sadness, and our capacity to delight in what is mostly determines what we are. Josef Pieper's welcome guidance on leisure, festivity, and contemplation is the most secure and most exciting way to arrive at, and to delight in, the truth in things. Pieper teaches us through music, sculpture, and poetry to see the luminous beauty that reflects an origin deeper than themselves."
James V. Schall, S.J., Georgetown University

Table of Contents:

Work, Spare Time, and Leisure
Learning How to See Again
Thoughts about Music
Music and Silence
Three Talks in a Sculptor's Studio
   Remembrance: Mother of the Muses
   Those "Guests at the Festival"
   Vita Contemplativa – the Comtemplative Life


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