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The Old World and America Answer Key


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This Answer Key to  The Old World and America is an extremely valuable resource which will save many hours for the busy teacher or homeschooling parent. The ANSWER KEY will also enable the 5th-8th grade student to work his way independently through the 37 chapters of The Old World and America.


This ANSWER KEY is very easy to use, being clearly laid out, complete, and giving page numbers for easy reference. Any potential difficulties are noted.

The Old World and America  is a great Catholic textbook that explains the famous persons, places, dates and events in the history of the Old World and early days of America. It includes ancient Greece and Rome, founding of the Catholic Church, the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Protestant Revolt, Catholic Counter Reformation and early settlement of America.

The Old World and America imparts a tremendously valuable store of information, and this ANSWER KEY will make using the text a pleasure.

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