Not By Scripture Alone: A Catholic Critique of the Protestant Doctrine of Sola Scriptura

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Since the time of Martin Luther, Protestants have claimed that Scripture alone is the final, infallible rule of faith for man.  In doing so, they have also claimed that Sacred Tradition and Church Authority, although helpful, are not infallible and therefore cannot serve as authorities on par with Scripture.  Is this a correct understanding of Scripture, Tradition and the Church, and does either Scripture or Tradition teach that sola scriptura should be the sole guiding rule for decisions on faith and morals?  A thorough investigation into this controversy reveals that the answer is a resounding, NO.  As never before, the Catholic Church has been called upon to be the defender of Scripture and preserver of truth in modern times.  Not by Scripture Alone will set the biblical and historical record straight.  But more important, as you learn the real truth about Scripture, Tradition, and the Church, this book will offer you the means to come to a very deep relationship with God and know how best to glorify him on this earth.

This book is the single most important systematic, logical, sustained, direct, multifaceted treatment of this central issue that I know of.
– Peter Kreeft

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