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The New Jerusalem Bible is the most popular English-language Catholic Bible in the world, outside the U.S.A.

The New Jerusalem Bible contains the complete text of the ancient canon of scripture, along with up-to-date and extensive introductions and notes. Eight pages of color maps and indexes, including biblical themes, personal names, and major footnotes.

In 1956, French Dominican scholars from L'Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem set their minds to translating the Holy Scriptures from the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts, hoping they could preserve the most sacred Christian traditions and stories. By 1966, the first English-language Jerusalem Bible was published. Since then it has become a favored text for lay readers and scholars alike. The accessible language and richly recounted stories, poetry, and letters in this edition is consistent with previous versions. However, this latest version stands out because of its clear format–clean double columns with easy-to-read type and quick reference headings.

Review from the Library Journal:

Catholic readers have made The Jerusalem Bible (1966) a perennially popular study Bible. The Jerusalem-based French Dominican scholars, upon whose translation the work is based, published a revised French edition in 1973, incorporating recent research. General editor Wansbrough and his colleagues base The New Jerusalem Bible on this revision, though they have depended less on the French version and more on the original languages than did the English translators. They have thoroughly revised everything. The biblical text is loftier, more literal, and less colloquial. It is also less gender-specific, only when this approach does not do violence to the original. Contrary to widely held belief, this is NOT an inclusive language Bible. A worthwhile purchase wherever the earlier edition is popular.

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