A New Dictionary Of Saints: Of the Eastern and Western Church


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This book is a new release and will be available July 2007.

About this book:


This magnificent new publication distinguishes itself from others by its comprehensiveness, and in its coverage of Eastern, as well as Western, saints. The book contains approximately 7,000 Saints and Blesseds. Entries are placed in alphabetical order according to name. Where there are numerous saints with the same name (for example John) these are now listed chronologically. The entries include date and place of birth and death as well as family background, education, activity for which the saint is remembered, and whether he/she is a patron saint.

In order to be comprehensive, even possibly mythical saints are included—Barbara, Christopher and Katherine of Alexandria, because their stories have been so important in art, literature and popular devotion. This is the most complete and accurate “Dictionary of Saints” available.

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