Natural Family Planning: Safe, Healthy, Effective Pamphlets

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Need a brief explanation on what Natural Family Planning is?  This video is designed for any situation where a brief, biological introduction to NFP is needed: doctor's offices, marriage preparation, etc.  Packaged with 50 brochures.


Natural Family Planning: Safe, Healthy, Effective is an introduction to the Sympto-Thermal Method of natural family planning (NFP).

In its brief overview of the method, this video discusses the basic signs of a woman's fertile and infertile times – changes in her waking temperature, cervix, and cervical mucus. It also refers to the high level of effectiveness properly instructed couples can achieve and the peace of mind that comes only with using a method that is 100% free of harmful side effects.

Health care professionals will find NFP: Safe, Healthy, Effective an excellent patient education video: clergy and others who counsel engaged couples will be grateful for its succinct, professional overview of the physiological reasons for using natural family planning: couples will appreciate its brevity and clarity.




Since this video does not teach the method. viewers will need further instruction to be able to successfully practice NFP. The Couple to Couple League has professionally trained teachers in many areas of the country. Check for a local teaching couple at or call the CCL office.


CCL Home Study Course:

Designed for those couples unable to attend the NFP classes, the CCL Home Study Course is the best way to learn NFP on your own. For more information, contact:


The Couple to Couple League

 P.O. Box 111184

Cincinnati, OH 45211