My See and Pray Missal: Based on the Traditional Mass


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Sr. M. Joan Therese, S.N.J.M.


My See and Pray Missal is a book to help young Catholics pray the Holy Mass in an easy yet excellent manner. Beginning readers will benefit greatly from the beautifully simple format: SEE the action at the altar, then PRAY the accompanying short prayer-a schema designed to keep one's eyes focused on the altar and one's mind occupied with the proper thoughts. The high points and "landmarks" of the Mass will thus be met with attention and reverence. And despite its great simplicity, My See and Pray Missal is a gem of doctrinal accuracy which presents the Mass as a sacri-fice and emphasizes the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Fostering reverence, prayer and love for Our Lord, this little book will help a young Catholic to know and love the Mass at an early age-and can also help build good habits of loving participation to last a lifetime.



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