Music in Catholic Liturgy: A Pastoral and Theological Companion to Sing to the Lord


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Music in Catholic Liturgy draws on the norms and directives of the recent USCCB document, Sing to the Lord:Music in Catholic Worship, providing practical and accessible insight  into the sung celebration of the Liturgy. 

Part one provides information about the basics of liturgical music including:

  • The purpose of liturgical music
  • The singers of liturgical music
  • The expression of liturgical music

Part two explores Liturgical Music: Patterns and Choices.
Liturgical music has its own logic for answering the questions of how it is prepared, as well as how to determine the quality of the music for the sung parts of the liturgical rites. In the reformed rites of the Roman Liturgy, it is expected that the Sacred Liturgy be sung. There is an inherent schema or pattern for when and what to sing.This part includes discussions regarding:

  • What is progressive solemnity?
  • What to sing during the Sacred Liturgy
  • How to judge the qualities of liturgical music

Part three carefully reviews what is established and suggested in the liturgical books for singing the Sacred Liturgy today. Fr. Gill examines all of the liturgical rites with an explicit focus and identification on what is said about singing the celebration. He provides complete information and explanation, theologically and liturgically, to underscore what is sung and why it is sung in liturgical celebrations.

Music in Catholic Liturgy also provides readers with patterns for progressive solemnity worksheets as well as a detailed bbibliography and index, making it an important resource for pastors, liturgists, music ministers, seminarians and students of the liturgy seeking to understand and implement the directives found in Sing to the Lord.

A Hillenbrand Book. The imprint, entitled Hillenbrand Books, is innovative and scholarly, advancing the Catholic theological tradition in relation to the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church. The books in the imprint incorporate classical and modern scholarship in a clear and direct style so as to serve the needs of professors, pastors, students, and laity. The principle that all theology is pastoral in intent and that all pastoral life must be rooted in solid theological understanding inform Hillenbrand Books. The imprint is firmly committed to the decisions, initiatives and reforms of the Church in the area of liturgy during and since the Second Vatican Council.

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