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On any given day, in more than fifty Mormon temples around the world, thousands of faithful Mormons are baptized vicariously for the dead.

They believe people who have died can be baptized by proxy, thus allowing them the opportunity to become Mormons after their death.

There is no other evidence in the Bible or in the early Church Fathers’ writings of baptism being practiced on the living in place of the dead.

Some Mormon writers assert that some Christian commentators have discussed the possibility of a kind of "baptism for the dead" among some in the Corinthian community in Paul’s time. But these commentators do not suggest that the practice was accepted or mainstream.

Given the silence of Scripture and tradition, we conclude rightly when we see this behavior as another aberration within a community of believers already soundly scolded by Paul for its lack of charity, its factionalism, its immorality, its abuse of the Eucharist, and other matters.

The case against baptism for the dead is also made by the Mormon scriptures themselves.

The current Mormon doctrine on baptism for the dead is quite unlike what Joseph Smith first taught. As in other cases, the Book of Mormon becomes an important tool for the Christian apologist. It contradicts much Mormon theology, and baptism for the dead is no exception.

This tract shows how this practice is both unbiblical and contradictory to the Mormon scriptures themselves.

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