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One of the key points of Loraine Boettner’s magnum opus, Roman Catholicism (the main sourcebook for professional anti-Catholics) is that Catholicism must be untrue, because it differs in so many particulars from the Christianity of the New Testament.

Over the centuries, Boettner says, the Catholic Church has added beliefs, rituals, and customs that contradict those in the Bible. He calls this "the melancholy evidence of Rome’s steadily increasing departure from the simplicity of the gospel," and he claims that repeatedly "human inventions have been substituted for Bible truth and practice"

This tract examines several Catholic customs and practices that Fundamentalists argue were added or changed over the course of history. These include:

Making the Sign of the Cross
Priests dressing differently from the laity
Extreme Unction (also known as the anointing of the sick)
Worship of the cross, images, and relics
Confession to a priest
Priestly celibacy
The Canon of Scripture

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