MDS Black, Tab Collar, Short-sleeved Clergy Shirt


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Better Fabrics: Unlike most other clerical shirts (65% Poly/35% Cotton) the mds product is Cotton Rich (70% COTTON/30% Poly). Our Shirts offer double the cotton content for a better feel, texture and finish.  We use higher quality raw materials for a better product.
We use stronger, environmentally friendly dyes, so the color life is not just longer but color fastness is better.

Better Fusing: mds uses the German Wendler Fusings. Lighter, stronger, softer and with the highest wash cycle rating, they keep the shape of the collars, cuffs and plackets looking new for longer then ever.

All mds fabric collars are Wendler fused on unique machines to make the collar lighter and more breathable than any plastic collar. Machine washable, these fabric collars/collarets take the natural shape of the neck for comfort and style that was never thought possible.

Better Stitching: Men’s shirts are best made with single needle stitching and French seams. Amazing mds attention to detail offers the finest quality stitching. mds shirts do NOT use over locking shortcuts.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging: By reducing unnecessary packaging and using environmentally friendly dyes, we strive to keep the pollution footprint exceptionally low.

Value for Money: Dollar for dollar, our shirts are not just better for the person wearing them but also for the dealer selling them. Quality sells it self and what better quality then mds.

70% cotton, 30% polyester

Comes with 2 tabs


All clergy shirts purchased in October are non returnable