May Crowning, Mass, and Merton: And Other Reasons I Love Being Catholic


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Liz Kelly


Thirty-something Liz Kelly is successful writer and a jazz singer. She is also a devout Catholic who loves her faith and is eager to share its beauties with others. “Mine is not an extraordinary faith,” she writes, “so much as a faith growing, a little messy, a little rough and subversive around the edges. But the litany of reasons to love being Catholic is extraordinary.”

Kelly offers her personal list of reasons to love being Catholic—from May Crownings to daily Mass, to Pope John Paul II and kneelers in church. With wit and great affection, she describes the holy people and places, beloved traditions, and joyful practices that constitute the vast, rich panoply of Catholic life well lived. She shows how the Catholic Church is a great storehouse of spiritual gifts that are offered to each believer.

May Crowning, Mass, and Merton is an exuberant
and lively look at a fully-alive faith and a young woman who embodies the hopes and promises of today’s spiritual seekers.

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