The Master Collection (1989)


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Released in 1989, this double CD has thirty-four of John Michael's most contemplative compositions from previous recordings. Songs include: Come To The Quiet, Psalm 23, Hymn To The Praises of God, Psalm 91, Psalm 62, Psalm 51, Psalm 95, Psalm 42, Father I Put My Life in Your Hands, The Pleiades and Orion, Holy Is His Name, Ode of the Bride, I Found My Beloved, Pass Through My Will, Retreat, Peter's Canticle, I Am The Vine, I Am The Bread of Life, I Am the Good Shepherd, The Spirit of the Lord, The Lilies of the Field, My Yoke is Easy, Jesus Prayer, Lamb of God, Our Blessing Cup, Let Us Adore the Lord, Lord Every Nation on Earth Shall Adore you, The Praises of the Virtues, God, Healer of My Soul, Peace Prayer (St. Francis), St. Teresa's Prayer, All Who Are Thirsty, and The Empty Canvas.