Love Is Patient Wood Art Print - Jen Norton - 8x10

We have all heard this verse from 1 Corinthians 13, probably at a wedding, listening half-heartedly. But it is much harder to live wholeheartedly! The intention of this art piece illustrating the verse in a bouquet of flowers is to slow you down so you can ponder each idea, one by one. Love’s attempts can easily fade like dying flowers if we aren’t careful. It takes a lot of nurturing to keep love alive. Printed on a sheet of 3/4″ thick maple wood.


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1 Corinthians 13

About Jen Norton:

Painfully shy as a child, Jen was unable to communicate with anyone outside her family except through drawing. Visual language was her first language and she never lost her passion for its ability to communicate for her. Jen Norton graduated from Santa Clara University where she earned a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, with a Minor in Business. After graduating from college, Jen worked as a Graphic Designer. Meaningful relationships and everyday moments of family and home are her subject matter, revealing the Jesuit principles of finding God in the everyday and mundane that were instilled in her education.

Jen works in acrylic, using expressive color, texture and pattern to reveal the sublime in the ordinary. She begins each painting with underlying layers of intense hues and expressive brushwork, which gradually become hidden from view as the painting progresses. These underlying layers are important to the depth of the final work, just as years of spiritual growth are to a well-rounded soul. Jen seeks to develop order and beauty from chaos. Jen believes that through art, one can hear the whisper of a mighty Creator. Her intention is that her art may cause you to pause and listen.

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