The Lost Arts of Modern Civilization: How to Taste and See the Abundance of Life


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Hospitality, Conversation, Letter-Writing, The Enjoyment of People, The Habit of Pleasing, Courtship, and Tasteful Dressing and Proper Attire. By Mitchell Kalpakgian. In an unleisurely “workaholic” world dominated by instant communication, internet, video culture, email, and cable television, the humanizing, civilizing arts that make life personal, joyous, and abundant have declined. Homes have lost their inviting charm as places of welcome that cultivate human relationships. The refined, courteous habit of letter-writing has been replaced by brusque electronic communication. The solitary time spent on the internet has spoiled the social occasions of friendship and conversation. The habit of pleasing others has been overcome by the compulsion to please oneself. And the age-old custom of courtship has been subverted by “living together” in cohabitation. Without the habits and manners instilled by these lost arts, civilization suffers, daily life becomes drab, and the simple pleasures that created the art of living become rare experiences rather than normal customs. The whole quality of human life depends upon the preservation of the amenities that epitomize kindness, thoughtfulness, and graciousness.

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