The Liturgical Year: 15 Vol. Set


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Some have justly called the fifteen volumes of Dom Gueranger’s Liturgical Year the “Summa” of the liturgy of the holy Roman Catholic Church. Not only did this giant of the Benedictine Order almost single-handedly restore the ancient regime of his order’s monastic tradition, he was also a preferred theologian of his friend, Blessed Pius IX, due to his energetic support for the soon-to-be defined doctrines of papal infallibility and the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God. Still, he is best known for his literary accomplishments, a life-long labor, the composition of these magnificent volumes honoring the liturgical year. These productions express the very heart of the Church’s public worship, both in her sacrificial liturgy and in various extracts from the divine office which celebrate her principal feasts. In essence this incredible work is a commingling, as it were, of divine and human elements, the human being Abbot Gueranger’s own excess of devotion as expressed in his daily meditations. These profound reflections accompany the prayers of every Mass (as well as parts of the Divine Office) and they are especially fruitful in the biographies he provides for those saints who highlight the ecclesiastical calendar. It is filled to overflowing whith beautiful meditations and many historical anecdotes found nowhere else in one set of volumes. The Liturgical Year can provide for you a priceless treasure for your own devotion. Such was the strategy employed by Louis Martin, the pious father of St. Therese of Lisieux, who made it his practice to read daily to his five daughters from these very volumes. So great was the fruit thereof that all five entered religious life.

15 volumes, over 7300 pages.

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