The LifeWork Journal: A Weekly Notebook for the Story of Your Life


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The LifeWork Journal
A Weekly Notebook for the Story of Your Life
By Rick Sarkisian, Ph.D.

Why use The LifeWork Journal? Why not just use a spiral-bound notebook instead? Because The LifeWork Journal is prepared with a structure that helps us collaborate with God — to "co-labor" or "work together" with Him. By choosing to build our lives in cooperation with God and His grace, rather than as individual, private dwellings, we build a secure structure that is strengthened by the graces of the Master Builder.


This 52-week notebook will make it easy for you to track your spiritual growth, insights and discoveries. You will:

  • Write about your "role" in God's story of salvation!
  • Prepare your Personal Mission Statement!
  • Record your key insights and discoveries for future reference!
  • Reflect on a "Virtue of the Week" and grow in holiness!
  • Track your spiritual growth week-by-week for a full year!



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