Life Strategies for Teens


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How you see yourself and look in life are strong influences on behavior in specific situations.When you take a healthy, positive attitude toward yourself and look at life's issues from a perspective of strong self-worth and solid self-esteem, obstacles that once seemed frightening and discouraging don't seem so intimidating anymore.


Life Strategies for Catholic Teens invites the reader to look inward at the core person and outward at the path toward adulthood within the framework of Catholic faith.  Doing so involves deciding what's really important.  Nearly everyone puts the same-and quite valid-items on a list of "Things That Really Matter."  Literally putting those items first in concrete situations and living by them, however, is not nearly so easy as making the list.  Life Strategies attempts to make that task a little easier with straightforward but gentle wisdom and frequent splashes of humor, with a common thread of Catholic faith as the source of strength and guidance.

Life Strategies for Catholic Teens: Tough Issues, Straight Talk is offered with the hope that it will be of help for a young Catholic journeying through the challenging terrain of emerging adulthood.

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