The Life Of St. Catherine Of Siena


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This is the classic life of St. Catherine of Siena by her spiritual director. He tells of her only what he experienced firsthand, or what he learned firsthand from her mother, her sisters, her family members and friends. An incredible life, told simply and straightforwardly, without embellishment and without dodging her many miracles, miraculous conversions, going without eating, etc. Because BI. Raymond relates only what he saw or what others saw whom he knew firsthand, he does not describe how she persuaded Pope Gregory XI to return to Rome from Avignon, France, in 1376, but what he does tell is so incredible, it sets the reader to wonder at God's intervention in the affairs of man. She never failed to convert sinners who came to her; they could not resist her "heavenly charm." She had familiar conversation with Jesus and Mary, and had them visit her often in her room. This book puts you squarely in the presence of one of Holy Church's greatest Saints!! A Doctor of the Church and the Patron Saint of Italy!








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