Lectionary For Ritual Masses - Vol IV

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Includes Common of Saints, Ritual Masses, Masses for Various Needs, Votive Masses and Masses for the Dead. The careful arrangement of text makes this volume a liturgical resource that is pastoral, practicable, and functional.


Special Features:
• Large, Bold, Easy-to-Read Type (13 pt.): The entire book is set in a specifically selected typeface that has been highly praised by thousands of priests, religious women and men, and lay ministers who are currently using the series of liturgical books published by Catholic Book Publishing Co.
• Attractive Format: Each page has been carefully arranged with optimum leading between lines and extra space between Readings.
• No Unnecessary Page-Turning: Each Weekday Reading is complete in its own section so that all readings are completely visible to the reader at all times.
• Magnificently Illustrated: Liturgical drawings enhance the beauty of this text and also provide a pictorial introduction to each main section.
• 2 Ribbon Markers: Handy markers enable the Lector or Gospel Reader to find the options quickly.
• Durable, Attractive Binding: Durable and gold stamped to take the wear of daily use and to last for years to come.
• Companion Book to the Sunday Lectionary

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