The Lamb's Supper: The Mass As Heaven On Earth


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The Lamb’s Supper reveals a long-lost secret of the Church: the early Christian’s key to understanding the mysteries of the Mass was the New Testament’s Book of Revelation. With its bizarre imagery, its mystic visions of Heaven, and its end-of-time prophecies, Revelation mirrors the sacrifice and celebration of the Eucharist.

Beautifully written in clear, direct language, this new book by bestselling Catholic author Scott Hahn will help readers see the Mass with new eyes, pray the liturgy with a renewed heart, and enter into the Mass more fully, enthusiastically, intelligently, and powerfully than ever before.

Dr. Scott Hahn is currently Professor of Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. He is also the founder and Director of the Institute of Applied Biblical Studies, and serves as President for the Missionaries of Faith Foundation. He is married to Kimberly. They have six children.



Part One: The Gift of the Mass

  • Introduction: Christ Stands at the Door – The Mass Revealed
  • Ch. 1. In Heaven Right Now: What I Found at My First Mass
  • Ch. 2. Given for You: The Story of Sacrifice
  • Ch. 3: From the Beginning: The Mass of the First Christians
  • Ch. 4: Taste and See (and Hear and Touch) the Gospel: Understanding the Parts of the Mass

Part Two: The Revelation of Heaven

  • Ch. 1. “I Turned to See”: The Sense Amid the Strangeness
  • Ch. 2. Who’s Who in Heaven: Revelation’s Cast of Thousands
  • Ch. 3. Apocalypse Then! The Battles of Revelation and the Ultimate Weapon
  • Ch. 4. Judgment Day: His Mercy is Scary

Part Three: Revelation for the Masses

  • Ch. 1. Lifting the Veil: How to See the Invisible
  • Ch. 2. Worship is Warfare: Which Will You Choose: Fight or Flight?
  • Ch. 3. Parish the Thought: Revelation as Family Portrait
  • Ch. 4. Rite Makes Might: The Difference Mass Makes



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