The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me to Discover the Beauty of the Cross


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        When Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle was growing up, she had no thought of one day becoming a popular author and television host. She was immersed in life as the seventh of eight children in a Catholic family, a life that was sometimes carefree and fun, dancing the Polkas at family weddings, and enjoying picnics in her back yard. Other times, life for her was very dark and tarnished with struggles and pain, struggles that she felt were best left a secret. She turned to God for help as she became increasingly misunderstood by her family and her peers.

        Life took some harrowing turns, and Donna-Marie was forced to deal with a crazed man who took away her freedom and held her hostage. Eventually escaping the nightmare of her prison, she married and began raising her family. But she couldn’t seem to get out from under the shadow of the Cross. She lost three babies to miscarriage, struggled with her husband’s drinking problem, was abandoned by him before giving birth to her third living child.

        Raising her family alone, she was subjected to abusive neighbors and appalling living conditions, struggling with these challenges as she held onto hope for better days. Her white knight finally came on the scene, or so she thought. Another challenging adventure ensued, thrusting Donna-Marie into a more affluent yet controlled life. “Prince Charming” had charmed his way into her life, but under the veneer of his charm was a dark side.

        Survival mode took over as Donna-Marie had to fight for her life and for her children’s safety. By God’s providence, a saint or two crossed paths with Donna-Marie and greatly impacted her life. One was Blessed Mother Teresa who became her close friend and spiritual mother. The Kiss of Jesus is a powerful true story of a well-known Catholic author who faced great suffering and rejection, but through faith, hope and love she found redemption and the beauty of the Cross.


• Powerful , personal account of a woman who overcame tremendous suffering, challenges and abuse to become a happy wife, mother and a very popular author and TV host

• A story of inspiration that will give hope and strength to modern women

• Underscores the crucial role of faith in God, prayer and grace to sustain and strengthen us in our own sufferings

• Tells the important role that Blessed Mother Teresa played in helping change her life

Praise for The Kiss of Jesus:

“This candid and poignant account pierces the heart and leaves the reader changed.”
— Johnnette Benkovic, Founder, Women of Grace ®

“A courageous, stunningly personal memoir.”
— Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress at

“Allows us to accompany her on a remarkable spiritual journey.”
— Brian Patrick, Anchor, EWTN News Nightly

“This extraordinary story will bring hope to all who are suffering.”
— Dan Burke, Executive Director, National Catholic Register

“A gripping spiritual adventure telling of God's faithfulness in times of terror and abuse.”
— Mark Shea, Author, By What Authority

“Runs the gamut of virtue and vice, flesh and spirit, demonic and holy. Her extraordinary life gives hope to all.”
— Jim Pinto, Co-Host of EWTN’s @ Home with Jim and Joy

“This book knocked my socks off! I never expected that such a sweet, joyful and soft-spoken woman lived such a perilous life.”
— Gail Buckley, President, Catholic Scripture Study International

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