Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic: A Conversion Story by Tim Staples


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Tim Staples

Tim Staples was your typical enthusiastic Protestant, on fire for his faith—until he met the “wrong” Marine: a Catholic man who was both willing and able to defend his faith.

  • How did Tim Staples, an extremely anti-Catholic man, get started on the path to Rome?
  • What happened to cause the little boy who wanted to be a preacher just like Billy Graham to grow up and become a well-known Catholic apologetics speaker instead?
  • How did the man Tim set out to “save” end up saving him?

How can a Protestant Bible school be the place where the gift of Catholic faith is forged? Let Tim tell you his story . . .

  • How could a man who was bound and determined to prove the Catholic Church wrong ever be persuaded otherwise?
  • Why was Tim defending the Catholic Church during his time at Jimmy Swaggart Bible College? Find out how this school expedited the process of Tim becoming Catholic!
  • Why did Tim feel so alone on the cusp of becoming a Catholic? The heart-breaking decision Tim had to make while on the verge of conversion

Listen to Tim Staples as he tells you the incredible story of his conversion—it’s a story you won’t soon forget.

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