Jesus of Nazareth Vol. II: Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection


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Jesus of Nazareth – Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection by Pope Benedict XVI

This is the second book in Pope Benedict XVI's projected three-volume work on Our Lord Jesus Christ.

For Christians, Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, who died for the sins of the world, and who rose from the
dead in triumph over sin and death. For non-Christians, he is almost anything else—a myth, a political revolutionary, a
prophet whose teaching was misunderstood or distorted by his followers.

Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, and no myth, revolutionary, or misunderstood prophet, insists Benedict XVI. He
thinks that the best of historical scholarship, while it can’t “prove” Jesus is the Son of God, certainly doesn’t disprove
it. Indeed, Benedict maintains that the evidence, fairly considered, brings us face-to-face with the challenge of Jesus—a
real man who taught and acted in ways that were tantamount to claims of divine authority, claims not easily dismissed as
lunacy or deception.

Benedict XVI presents this challenge in his new book, Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week: From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection,                                                                                                                        the sequel volume to Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration.
Why was Jesus rejected by the religious leaders of his day? Who was responsible for his death? Did he establish a
Church to carry on his work? How did Jesus view his suffering and death? How should we? And, most importantly, did
Jesus really rise from the dead and what does his resurrection mean? The story of Jesus raises these and other crucial

Benedict brings to his study the vast learning of a brilliant scholar, the passionate searching of a great mind, and the deep
compassion of a pastor’s heart. In the end, he dares readers to grapple with the meaning of Jesus’ life, teaching, death,
and resurrection. Jesus of Nazareth: From His Transfiguration Through His Death and Resurrection challenges both believers
and unbelievers to decide who Jesus of Nazareth is and what he means for them.

Points of Interest

• an engaging, readable account of Jesus by
one of the world’s great spiritual leaders
• sequel to NY Times best-seller Jesus of
Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the
• provides a well-informed traditional Christian
answer to claims of revisionist historians and
• a book of broad appeal to Catholic, Protestant,
and Orthodox Christians, as well as
other religious believers and seekers
• a rebuttal to new atheist attempts to downplay
the importance of religion and spirituality
in modern life

Read Excerpts:

The Mystery of the Betrayer

The Dating of the Last Supper

Jesus Before Pilate


Publisher's Notexi
Chapter 1: The Entrance into Jerusalem and the Cleansing of the Temple1
1. The Entrance into Jerusalem1
2. The Cleansing of the Temple11
Chapter 2: Jesus' Eschatological Discourse24
1. The End of the Temple28
2. The Times of the Gentiles41
3. Prophecy and Apocalyptic in the Eschatological Discourse45
Chapter 3: The Washing of the Feet53
The hour of Jesus54
"You are clean"57
Sacramentum and exemplum — gift and task: The "new commandment"61
The mystery of the betrayer65
Two conversations with Peter69
Washing of feet and confession of sin72
Chapter 4: Jesus' High-Priestly Prayer76
1. The Jewish Feast of Atonement as Biblical Background to the High-Priestly Prayer77
2. Four Major Themes of the Prayer82
"This is eternal life . . ."82
"Sanctify them in the truth . . ."85
"I have made your name known to them . . ."90
"That they may all be one . . ."93
Chapter 5: The Last Supper103
1. The Dating of the Last Supper106
2. The Institution of the Eucharist115
3. The Theology of the Words of Institution125
4. From the Last Supper to the Sunday Morning Eucharist138
Chapter 6: Gethsemane145
1. On the Way to the Mount of Olives145
2. The Prayer of Jesus152
3. Jesus' Will and the Will of the Father157
4. Jesus' Prayer on the Mount of Olives in the Letter to the Hebrews162
Chapter 7: The Trial of Jesus167
1. Preliminary Discussion in the Sanhedrin167
2. Jesus before the Sanhedrin175
3. Jesus before Pilate183
Chapter 8: Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus202
1. Preliminary Reflection: Word and Event in the Passion Narrative202
2. Jesus on the Cross206
a. The first of Jesus' words from the Cross: "Father, forgive them"206
b. Jesus is mocked208
c. Jesus' cry of abandonment213










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