Jesus and Mary: In Praise of Their Glorious Names


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Jesus and Mary: In Praise of Their Glorious Names
by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.

If you were to meet Jesus or Mary today, how would you address them?

How do you pray to them as an individual? How do we pray to them in community?

This stirring book by renowned spiritual writer Benedict Groeschel will enlarge and deepen your knowledge of, and appreciation for, Jesus and Mary by exploring a selection of the many and varied names and titles attributed to them.

Fr. Groeschel selected 25 names / titles of Jesus and 25 of Mary, alternating 2 page reflections of each with a special, comprehensive introduction of both at the beginning of the book.

Most importantly, Jesus and Mary: In Praise of Their Glorious Names will reveal and share Fr. Groeschel's deep personal devotion to Our Lord and his Blessed Mother. Unfold the rich tapestry of his faithful devotion like threads of gold and silver as the power, beauty, and grace of Jesus and Mary are revealed.

Selections include either a brief quote from Scripture or a quote from a saint or spiritual writer. Each reflection concludes with a short prayer (For example, Lord Jesus Christ, Light of the World, have mercy on us; Hail Mary, Ark of the Covenant, pray for us.)


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