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An outstanding translation of the Sacred Scriptures produced by the Dominican School of the Bible in Jerusalem ( Ecole Biblique de Jerusalem), a Pontifical institution recognized for it's excellent scholarship and archeological work over many decades.

Reissued for the first time in over a decade, The Jerusalem Bible, Reader's Edition was first published in 1966 with approval and under the patronage of the Roman Catholic Church.  It meets the need for a modern translation based on the most reliable ancient texts.  While it avoids the archaic language of many older translations, it still holds to a traditional (non-inclusive) and beautiful language that appeals to many orthodox Catholics and other Christians.

When it comes to versions of the Holy Bible, readability and accuracy in translation are what ultimately matter; and on both counts, the original Jerusalem Bible stands alone. 

The Jerusalem Bible, Reader's Edition is filled with several appealing features:


  • the complete canon of Holy Scripture as defined by the Catholic Church
  • an English translation that is as close as possible to the literal meaning of the ancient texts
  • traditional, non-inclusive language
  • brief introductions to each book that orient the reader to the historical setting
  • limited footnotes where necessary to clarify only the literal meaning of the text
  • a portable 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" trim size
  • attractive, easy to read typeface

You may read the Bible daily, regularly, or only occasionally.  You may be a lay person, clergy, or even a Scripture scholar.  You may be looking for a book that will inspire you, enrich your life, and deepen your faith in Christ.  If you want a translation that you can trust and that truly reads beautifully,  The Jerusalem Bible, Reader's Edition is the version for you.


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