Introduction to Catholicism Teacher's Manual 2nd Ed


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This Second Edition of the Teacher’s Manual is an aid to the instructor to help present to students the material in the textbook. The revision now includes the answer guide for student work book bound in the same volume as the Teacher’s manual. The resources in this manual:

  • Chapter goals,
  • Summary of the principles addressed in each section,
  • References to the Catechism of the Catholic Church,
  • Lesson plans,
  • Vocabulary reviews,
  • Practical exercises, and more.

Each section includes a commentary on the text and suggests classroom approaches to the material as well as stories from the Gospels and other sources to complement the themes addressed in the textbook.

When using the First Edition, an instructor needed to purchase the Teacher’s Manual and Teacher’s Answer Guide separately. This Second Edition of the Teacher’s Manual includes all the materials in the bulleted list above, combining both the Teacher’s Manual (Texbook and tests) and the Teacher’s Answer Guide (Student Workbook and quizzes) into a single, comprehensive volume.





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