Inside the Bible: An Introduction to Each Book of the Bible


Inside the Bible: An Introduction to Each Book of the Bible

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This book is a popular introduction to each of the 73 books of the Bible designed to help the reader grow in the knowledge and love of God's Word.  The introduction to each book includes the time frame and author, the theme, a summary of the contents and some comments about the context in which it was written, the theology of the book, an outline, and a prayer taken from the book.  By giving this concise introduction to each book of the Bible, Fr. Baker provides quick access to essential information the daily or occasional reader of sacred scripture should find helpful.


In addition to being directed to readers of the Bible who are not experts, the book may also be of help to more advanced students who wish to refresh their memory of a particular book of the Bible.  By carefully reading Inside the Bible one can have a thumbnail summary of each book of the Bible at his fingertips.

"Many Catholics revere the Bible without reading it.  They recognize it as the Word of God, but they hesitate to open its pages.  They find themselves paralyzed, not knowing where to start reading, confused by ancient modes of writing, unsure of interpretations.  Fr. Kenneth Baker comes to the rescue.  In brief synopses of the 73 books he guides new readers through the threshold and shows them how they can move forward on their own.  Inside the Bible will transform almost-readers into avid readers of the sacred text."
Karl Keating, Author, What Catholics Really Believe

Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J., is the well-known editor of Homiletic and Pastoral Review, the premiere magazine for clergy and laity interested in pastoral issues for today's Church.  He is also the author of Fundamentals of Catholicism, a three volume series on the Catholic faith.


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