In The Beginning...: A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall


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In The Beginning:  A Catholic Understanding of the Story of Creation and the Fall
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

These five superb homilies by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, one of today's most significant Catholic theologians, provide a clear and biblically based explanation of the Genesis creation narratives.

While the stories of the creation of the world and of the fall of human-kind have often given rise to conflict, fundamentalists twist the Bible into science and history while rationalists approach this issue by "divorcing God from creation" — Cardinal Ratzinger presents the Catholic middle
ground between extremist positions in explaining the vitality of these early Old Testament writings.

Beginning each homily with the selected text from Genesis, Ratzinger discusses, in turn, God the creator, the meaning of the biblical creation accounts, the creation of human beings, sin and salvation, and the consequences of faith in creation.

Translated from German by Boniface Ramsey, O.P., this work is a creation catechesis for adults that presents a contemporary understanding of the faith. It also serves as an excellent homiletic resource for priests.

CARDINAL JOSEPH RATZINGER has played a key role in the renewal of Catholic theology envisaged by Vatican II. A member of the International Theological Commission, he enjoyed a distinguished teaching career at several universities, including Tubingen and Regensburg, before being made Archbishop of Munich in 1976. Since 1981 he has been Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Table of Contents:


First Homily: God the Creator
The Difference Between Form and Content in the Creation Narrative
The Unity of the Bible as a Criterion for Its Interpretation
Christology as Criterion

Second Homily: The Meaning of the Biblical Creation Accounts
The Reasonableness of Faith in Creation
The Ending Significance of the Symbolic Elements in the Text
   Creation and Worship | The Sabbath Structure of Creation | Exploiting the Earth?

Third Homily: The Creation of the Human Being
The Human Being – Taken from the Earth
Image of God
Creation and Evolution

Fourth Homily: Sin and Salvation
On the Subject of Sin
Limitations and Freedom of the Human Being
Original Sin
The Response of the New Testament

Appendix: The Consequences of Faith in Creation
The Suppression of Faith in Creation in Modern Thought
The Concept of Creation in Present-Day Thought: Three Forms of Concealment
Daith in Creation as a Basic
Decision about Human Beings

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