The Immortal in You: How Human Nature Is More Than Science Can Say


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Many scientists and philosophers believe that you are no more than a machine. By their account there is no afterlife, and you are no better than any other kind of animal. The existence of mankind, according to such thinkers, is purely the outcome of chance events, and was never the target of any real tendency, natural or supernatural, to produce life and mind. Their version of the universe is hostile or indifferent toward you, and you occupy no special place within it.

At the heart of this story about humanity lies not science, but a rarely expressed philosophical assumption that modern science, at least in principle, tells all there is to tell about you and the world. With his unique blend of cogency, clarity, and charm, philosopher Michael Augros hauls that assumption out into the light and demolishes it. The Immortal in You demonstrates how an astute use of common sense and of the universally shared contents of human experience reveals that there is more to you —much more—than science could possibly say.

From the author of Who Designed the Designer? this modern response to the ancient exhortation "Know Thyself" delivers a wealth of fresh, powerful, and uplifting ideas about what it is to be human that will engage every thoughtful reader, regardless of their beliefs.


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