Saint Ignatius Loyola


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F. A. Forbes


"Bring me a book, a story, a novel – anything to pass away the time!" cried the patient.  Young Ignatius had bravely borne the primitive surgery-the re-opening of his battle wound, the sawing off of part of his leg bone and the stretching of his leg in an iron machine. He had set his teeth and borne the pain without flinching. Now, however, the dreary weeks of recovery dragged on.

One of the books that fell into the young man's hands at this time was a Life of Christ. The heart of the brave but worldly soldier was soon to be touched by grace. Once recuperated, he abandoned his military career and went in search of holiness and learning.

In the following years Ignatius would found the Jesuits, an order of priests organized like an army-an army of Jesus Christ at the disposal of the Pope. His life would include writing his famous Spiritual Exercises, taking tender care of the sick, being put on trial for heresy, effecting the conversion of St. Francis Xavier and sending his "Jesuits" to the Council of Trent.

This is the story of a great man who in a time of grave crisis was sent by God to help the Church recover from the Protestant Revolt-and to help it flourish once again, even more wonderfully than before.

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