Saint Hyacinth of Poland: The Story of the Apostle of the North


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"The Tartars, Father!  They've come!"


A shiver ran through the other friars as they heard these words from a terrified novice.  Then, moments later, came blood-curdling screams not far off in the distance.  The long-dreaded attack had finally come.

Father Hyacinth calmly took from the tabernacle the ciborium containing the Consecrated Hosts.  "All will be well," he said.  "Just follow me."  Then he picked up the miraculous statue of Our Lady with his other arm and headed for the street.

"Christians!" screamed the Tartars as they caught sight of the little band.  "Burn them!  Kill them!"

But somehow the barbarians were unable to carry out their bloody intentions.  By some unseen force, their swords clattered to the ground, their torches sputtered out.  What was happening?  Fear was stamped on every pagan face.

Then Hyacinth spoke again:  "Come, my sons.  Down to the water!!"

There were no boats on the river.  What did Father Hyacinth have in mind now?

This book tells what happened next, plus the other events in Hyacinth's remarkable life:  his travels, his preaching, his miracles – even the raising of the dead!  All in all, this is the wonderful story of how St. Hyacinth and his fellow Dominicans planted the holy Catholic Faith in Poland, in Lithuania, in Russia and all over northern Europe.


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