Humility Rules: Saint Benedict's Twelve-Step Guide to Genuine Self-Esteem


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Saint Benedict's fifth-century set of rules for humble living in a monastery paradoxically offers an antidote to the epidemic of stress and depression overwhelming modern young adults.  But the language of The Rule of Saint Benedict is medieval, and its most passionate advocates are cloistered monks and nuns.  How then does the wisdom of Saint Benedict translate into advice for ordinary people?

In Humility Rules, with candor, humor and art a high school professor and coach breaks down Saint Benedict's method for finding inner peace into twelve short and pithy steps that can be applied to anyone's life. All twelve steps are related to the virtue of humility, which is the starting point for personal growth.

Using his own life experiences, both before and after his becoming a Benedictine monk, the author explains each step. He also illustrates each chapter with color reproductions of sacred art that he has embellished with comic flourishes. The winsome combination is sure to keep readers from taking themselves too seriously, which is already a first step on the path toward humility.


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