How To Find Authentic Love

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International lecturer Bev Hadland-Turner has spoken to over two million youth worldwide, and has found that they are searching for one thing: someone to love them unconditionally. This search for unconditional love is filled with decisions. Few will have as much effect as the decision to have or not have sex before marriage. If you’re unmarried you owe it to yourself – and to your future husband or wife – to read this book and consider all you can gain by waiting for your true love and marriage.

This refreshing book is full of Bev’s wit and wisdom, honesty and common sense as she helps you to apply critical thinking to look at love in a new way. Join Bev in this wonderful journey to discover how to find your love of a lifetime.

Bev is the author of the best-sellerHang on to Your Hormones. She is an international lecturer on sex, love and dating, having spoken to over 2 million people in 13 countries. Founder and Executive Director of Straight Talk Youth Counselling, she was awarded Woman of the Year in 2003 by Real Women of Canada.



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