How To Talk With Fundamentalists: Single

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You surely have been through it.

There is a knock at the door. Outside is a man or woman with a big smile, an open Bible, and a bunch of questions designed to attack the Catholic faith. Or you are accosted on the street by someone who asks, "Have you been saved?" Or, outside church after Mass, you find people passing out leaflets opposing Catholic beliefs and arguing with any who object.

If you get into a discussion, it appears to go nowhere. You end up frustrated, and no one seems at all convinced by what you’ve said. The others walk away, apparently thinking even less of the Catholic faith than before. You didn’t handle the situation well, and you sense it.

The moral is that knowing how to argue is just as important as knowing what to argue.

If you have no appreciation of technique, all the knowledge in the world won’t help you since you won’t be able to pass it along. You can be a walking theological treatise, but if you antagonize opponents or talk past them, you’ve wasted your time and theirs. Similarly, it isn’t enough to be a good conversationalist. That won’t make up for doctrinal or historical ignorance.

To be an effective apologist, you must marry delivery and content. This tract will help you do just that.

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