How To Serve Low Mass And Benediction Booklet


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It is a great privilege for a young man to be allowed to serve at the altar of God. This book will help you appreciate this high honor by showing the greatest reverence in the sanctuary, by paying exact attention during the sacred services and by learning your part as perfectly as possible!

Pictures of the sacristy, sanctuary, the sacred vessels and vestments are shown in these pages so that you will know the right names and place for everything used at the altar.

The main part of this book teaches you the Latin responses of the acolyte and directs you in your movements and positions when serving Low Mass according to the 1962 Missale Romanum. The Mass section of the book is divided into five lessons so that you can master a little at a time and master it well.

The Latin is made easy for you to pronounce because the English sound of each Latin word is placed directly above it in the form of simple English words.

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