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Holy Simplicity: The Little Way of Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day and Therese of Lisieux


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By Joel Schorn

"Embrace the present moment as an ever-flowing source of holiness."
—Jean Pierre de Caussade, from Chapter Three

Seeing God in every moment—is it possible? Does God really "walk among the pots and pans," as Saint Teresa of Avila once said? Do we ignore the seemingly forgettable moments of life to our own spiritual peril?

Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day and Thérèse of Lisieux started small and stayed small, even though their works and heroism have since earned them worldwide acclaim.

Holy Simplicity reveals how these three modern Catholic women found holiness in letting God's love flow into the most ordinary tasks-Mother Teresa and Dorothy Day among the poor and Thérèse within the confines of the cloister. Their stories will inspire you to seek God in the challenges of ordinary life, a little way to holiness that, as Dorothy Day pointed out, unleashes forces "that help to overcome evil in the world."

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