God Has a Plan for Boys and for Girls: Building Blocks of Tob for Kids


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Help children discover who they are and the importance of the way God made them. God Has a Plan for Boys and for Girls affirms the gift of gender in a joyful, easy-to-understand way, teaching children about identity, human dignity, equality, and God's plan for them.

About this Series:

"Who am I?" is a question everyone asks, even the very young.

Saint John Paul II spoke at length about this question in writings and teachings we now call the theology of the body. In a culture of confused and misdirected values, it is difficult to raise children to understand that they are created in the image of God. These books give parents and teachers a place to begin.

Building Blocks of TOB for Kids seeks to affirm the dignity of the human person—body and soul—according to God's plan. Simple stories cover topics including gender identity, body language, and self-giving love.

Ideal for ages 4 – 7.

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes a note for parents at the beginning of each book 
  • Introduces children to the dignity of the whole human person 
  • Colorful illustrations throughout

About the Author:

Named one of the top six Theology of the Body speakers in the nation for youth by the National Catholic Register, Monica Ashour, former teacher and executive director of the Theology of the Body Evangelization Team (TOBET), makes the depth and breadth of Saint John Paul II's revolutionary Theology of the Body (TOB) accessible to all ages. She holds two master's degrees—Humanities and Theological Studies—from the University of Dallas. Monica was recently asked to be part of an ad hoccommittee for the Pontifical Council for the Family with Archbishop Paglia. You can find more resources on TOBET's website.

Praise for Building Blocks of TOB for Tots:

"My kids love the whole series. It simply and beautifully portrays the goodness that God created in our bodies! Bravo!"
Southernrose, customer review

"A great and welcome addition to the theology of the body literature! Listening to the body is something my pastoral counseling clients lose track of or get trained out of. Teaching kids to listen to their body from the beginning is just plain common sense! And in a very few pages the authors get right to the point! Thank you!"
Dave McClow, customer review

"These books are perfect as a gift for a godchild, grandchild or even your own. I plan on giving them to my godchildren for Christmas this year."
Ashley Phillips, customer review

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"God Has a Plan for Boys and Girls addresses gender, how boys and girls are alike, and how they are different. It is easily my favorite book [of this series], as it explains that even though men and women are different, they each have unique gifts and callings in life that only they can answer as a man or woman. This was a 5 star series of books, which I am proud for my son to have in his library." 
– Stuart Dunn, Stuart's Study book review blog

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