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The Gift Of Self To God

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Fr. Nicholas Grou, S.J.

This timely monograph, composed by Jesuit Father Nicholas Grou, contains precious gems of holy wisdom.  They are fruit of a pastor of souls well acquainted with the latter day stratagem of an experienced adversary who is determined to get the focus of persecuted and battle-weary Catholics, off the straight and narrow course leading to personal sanctity.  The Gift of Self to God, which is the heart of the composition, is an extremely provoking and healing meditation dealing with the necessity and salutary advantage of giving our all to God.  It is a perfect compliment to the spirit of St. Louis de Montfort's True Devotion to Mary.  Not as well known as he should be, the work of this great doctor of the interior life is reprinted here, together with two of his other essays, all of which confirm the virtue of filial trust in God.


Table of Contents

About the Author              
On the Gift of Self to God: Introduction            
Editor’s Note             
1: What is Meant by the Gift of Self?              
2: Reason for Giving Oneself to God: Nothing Is More Just              
3: My Happiness Lies in the Gift ofMyself to God              
4: The Present Moment Alone at My Disposal              
5: I Can Only Give God Glory by the Gift of Self              
6: The Gift of Self : The Secret of My Salvation              
7:The Commandment to Love God Can Only Be Fulfilled by the Gift of Self              
8: The Example of Our Lord: a Strong Reason Why We Should Give Ourselves to God             
9: The Self Denial of the Gospel Precept is the same as the Gift of Self            
10: As Children of God, We are Obliged to Give Ourselves to God            
11: The Sanctification of Our Most Ordinary Actions Implies This Same Obligation            
12: The Necessity for Giving Oneself to God  Implied in the Lord’s Prayer            
13: God’s Plans in My Regard Presuppose the Gift of Self, If They Are to Be Carried Out            
14: The Best Use We Can Make of Our Liberty Is to Place It in God’s Hands            
15: The Gift of Self to God: the Key to the Gospel            
16: The Characteristics of the Gift of Self to God            
17: The Advantages of the Gift of Self             
18: Its Advantages for the Present Life: The Moral Assurance of Our Salvation            
19: One’s Conscience is at Rest            
20: Familiar Friendship with God            
21: Interior Peace            
22: God’s Special Protection            
23: The Gift of Prayer            
24: The Gate of Sanctity            
25: Practical Recapitulation            
Christian Thoughts            
Marks of True Piety    

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