Genesis - Part 2: God and His Family: Genesis 12-50


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Genesis II: God and His Family explores chapters 12-50 of Genesis, uncovering the rich details of the life of Abraham and the history of Abraham's descendants, Isaac and Jacob.  These patriarchs are the heirs of the promise and our father's in faith.  Through them God pledged to eventually right all that had gone wrong with creation.

In this continuation of the Genesis story, which began in Genesis I: God and His Creation, you will encounter the infinitely tender love of God for humanity and observe His relentless initiative to do whatever it takes for men to know and love Him as He originally intended – demonstrating that nothing twill impede God's plan for His creation.

In Genesis II you will come to understand Jesus and the Gospel better.  You will also see how the Catholic Church has taken seriously every word of truth in this book of the Bible and how in the Church we remain connected to God's original design for His creation.



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