The Free Press: An essay on the manipulation of news and opinion, and how to counter it


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If there is one power in modern society which is justly called all-pervasive, it is the Media. It is not a power that equals that of Church or State, but one that increasingly towers above them. Let a cleric speak out against something dear to the hearts of media owners, and he will be blasted as "medieval" and accused of "mixing religion and politics." Let an elected representative do the same and he will be driven from pillar to post until he either shuts up or gives up.

It is this raw power possessed by the modern Media that makes The Free Press both relevant and educational. Surveying the history of Media power in its origin, development, and corrosive influence on citizen and society, Belloc makes a powerful and persuasive case for the establishment of a Free Media, to provide a truly independent source of news and a serious discussion of ideas.

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