St. Francis Xavier Paper Prayer Card with Verse: Pack of 100

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Pack of 100.

This paper holy card of St. Francis Xavier depicts the saint in the Orient.  On the back of the card is the following novena prayer:

O great Saint Francis, well beloved and full of charity, with thee I reverently adore the Divine Majesty; and since I specially rejoice in the singular gifts of grace bestowed on thee in life, and of glory after death, I give thanks to God, and beg of thee, with all the affection of my heart that by thy powerful intercession thou mayest obtain for me above all things the grace to live a holy life and die a holy death.  Moreover, I beg of thee to obtain for me (here insert some special spiritual or temporal favor); but if what I ask does not tend to the glory of God and the greater good of my soul, do thou, I beseech thee, obtain for me what will more certainly attain these ends. Amen

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