Fragments of My Life: A Memoir


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Catherine Doherty’s enthralling personal autobiography

Catherine tells in her own words how she was born to wealth in pre-revolutionary Russia, raised among Arab children and pashas in Egypt, French students in Paris, and Russian peasants and aristocrats on her family estate. She shares how she dodged bullets as a nurse during World War I, barely survived the Russian Revolution, encountered poverty as a refugee and returned from her rags to riches in North America. Then finally, how she gave everything away to serve the poor.

She tells of her adventures as a magazine correspondent in pre-World War II Europe, as a leader in the U.S. Civil Rights movement, and as an internationally-renowned speaker and writer who dodged rotten eggs and tomatoes, calling for racial and economic justice, ecumenism, and an active role for lay people in the Church.

Then she goes on to how she fell in love with and married Eddie Doherty, Irish-American newspaperman, and how they together founded Madonna House Lay Apostolate, and became leaders in the development of new forms of Christian community and service in the world.

A journey into Catherine’s life, disclosing the mysteries of world events that shaped her life; the mysteries of her leadership; the mysteries of her marriage; and, most of all, the mysteries of God’s love.

This audio presentation of Fragments of My Life is read by Helen Porthouse, a long-time member of the Madonna House Apostolate, and she brings with her a truly personal experience of Catherine's life and works. Her background in drama and deep love for audiobooks shines through in this touching and inspirational reading of Catherine's memoirs—Helen brings a sense of wonder and excitement to Catherine's life which will draw listeners onward from the first few paragraphs.


“This autobiography has a special, divinely-touched richness. It reads like an adventure novel. If this were nothing but pure fiction, it would still be extremely intriguing. But because it's all true, it goes beyond intriguing to become enthralling and inspiring.”Larry Holley, The Pecos Benedictine

“This is no dull, date-filled biography, but a deeply personal sharing of the experiences of her life. The book shines with her vision of uncompromising commitment to the Gospel. If you have time to read no other book, read this one.”Sign Magazine

“According to any standard, the author of Fragments is a most remarkable woman. It requires a great act of trust and love to share a personal, intimate life with millions of people. Fragments is, in a sense, one of the profounder acts of love of a life already so obviously loving.” — Spiritual Book News

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